Who and Where

Besides „die Platt“ at Kutscher’s home in Reinheim we have 2 outposts in Hoazem (Habitzheim) one at Roger’s and another at Alex’s home.


The players:

Bernd – Orks, Gobbos, Saxons, Ogres, Romans and many others

Thomas (Kutscher) – Rats or Rats aka Skaven

Thomas (Woank) – Vampires, Ratmen, Demons, Empire, Egyptians

Alex – Beastmen and Lizardmen

Max – Chaos and Highelves

Moritz – Khemri and Woodelfves

Erik – Dwarfs

Roger – Dwarfs and Khemri

Thomas – Chaos, Lizardmen and in the near future maybe Skaven

Emil – Dwarfs and Darkelves


No longer a players present at trips and for the website

Matthias (Matze) – all Good peoples



Klaus-Peter Schneider from Mutterstadt



Bruno (The Regulator) – Chaos

Rene – Highelves

Lukas – Vampires, Khemri

Michael (Schnawwel) – Lizardmen

Harald (Harri) – Skaven, Chaos